The Event Makeup Artist 


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Why I Started TEMA...

I was around 20 years old and found myself back in Los Angeles. I had moved back home with my parents in pursuit of a better life, or at least the chance to build one.


I had tried different jobs and knew that I didn’t want to be barely getting by.

I was putting in so many hours into my job that I wanted to feel something other than disconnected. I wanted to feel passionate about my work!


My cousin had signed up for a makeup artistry course and my father, aware that I was struggling, suggested I look into attending the same course.


I've always trusted my father implicitly, so when he mentioned that MUA's earn good money and get paid to be creative I decided to take a serious look at it.


The lifestyle of a professional makeup artist was exactly what I was looking for...


Earn great money and set own rates!


Make more in less time!

Get paid to be creative and artistic!

Work less and have free time to enjoy life!

Look forward to going to work!

No manager or shift switching drama!


I have to be honest, all of this felt out of reach… I couldn’t afford the thousands of dollars in tuition to attend a reputable program. I didn’t have credit to get a loan and didn’t have anyone who could cosign or lend me the money. I felt deflated. My only option was to work hard and save up enough to pay the huge tuition costs.


In the process, I realized that for the same thousands of dollars that I would need to pay in tuition I could hire a professional, learn for myself and have a course to share with others. I wanted to make this education accessible. I found a way to have my cake and eat it too. 


So I began saving up money and whole lot of jobs later I teamed up with an amazing celebrity makeup artist, William Lemon III, and together we created the most comprehensive training to date! 


The course is geared towards the lifestyle 


“TEMAs approach to the artistry of makeup is one to be admired. William Lemon teaches with such passion and is a true artist… Even as a makeup artist of 8 years I still learned things that have since changed my own application. If you’re looking for a class that teaches the basics of makeup while encouraging the freedom of the industry this is the one!”

– Lindsay Holshue, Salt Lake City, Utah

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