The Modern Metaphysical Entrepreneur

We exist in an ever expanding universe, a concept that most of us find difficulty wrapping our minds around and understandably so. Our inherited logic is one of the finite, the countable, the measurable. For thousands of years we have built kingdoms and empires on the premise that there is a limited amount of land available on the earth’s surface. We have waged war and built cultures and nations over the invisible lines dissecting our planet and the resources held within. This pervasive logic implies scarcity. If I own something finite then you can not own it too without depleting my share. The rationale is tempting but it only works when looking at the reflection of something believed to be limited. The convergence of science, technology, philosophy and art in today’s modern society is questioning this limited belief and reaching far into the expanse for a deeper understanding of life within infinity.

Taking the concept of an empire or emperor in the context of thousands of years ago, or even just a hundred years ago, the objective was land and with a finite amount of surface area threats to the empire were very real and demanding of attention. Though as citizens began demanding governing themselves the emperor’s quest took on new form in the realm of business. Presently the quest for an empire has become synonymous with the grandeur of business. Still bound by region, companies/empires would go to battle over “surface area” assuming through the filter of scarcity that another empire would restrain or limit the other’s growth potential. In this old model empires can not co-exist and still achieve domination or global growth, therefore they spend a large sum of energy focused on the competition and thus creating it.

The ever-reaching trait that makes an entrepreneur in today's world great is the same quality that drove the emperors written about in our history books. A sense of divine right that we can and should have all we desire seeds dynasties and the reach of greatness across time. The very idea of an empire is shifting again into an ever expanding state of being within a limitless realm of infinite potential, a place I like to call a space within space.

In today’s world we have created exactly that, an infinite space within the realm of physical scarcity or limitation… The Internet. We have created a literal representation of the metaphysical. We now have a reflection of the infinite within our grasps and are outgrowing the confines of the scarcity mindset. The internet is our most visual example of a space within a space that is ever expanding. In this virtual realm to the everyday user there is no quantifiable surface area with boundaries limiting anyone's imagination.

We have created a realm in which empires can and do co-exist. We will only continue to expand from here and thus our goals can change as well to satisfy a very real infinite realm in which we now can observe ourselves in. Everyday entrepreneurs now knowingly carve out their own space within the infinite no longer restricted by borders, as they have outlived their usefulness in the limitless. We are expanding alongside and within this universe at a far more rapid pace than ever anticipated. With a tangible and cognitive representation of freedom within our grasp, creation is also free to take new form mirroring our everyday lives with the natural ways of the universe and anchoring our understanding to concepts that in days past seemed just out of reach.