Infinite Potentiality: All Things are Free

Let's start with the quantum observer effect, which is a theoretical principle of quantum mechanics that basically provides scientific understanding to what spiritualists have shared throughout history, you create your reality. Or, for those Notes From the Universe lovers out there your thoughts really do become things.

The quantum observer effect states that “the mere observation of a phenomenon inevitably changes that phenomenon” (wikipedia). Our very observation of an atom changes its behavior. This concept alone has such far reaching applications that opens our worlds to the very real influences of imagination.

I had a sudden realization that I could, theoretically, observe something in a state other than what I expected it to be. Could I see a chair as anything other than the chair? Could the fantasy nerd that runs deep through my bones really finally shape shift? Logically, yes.

ALL is energy, physical mass and the entirety of our universe, physical and non-physical, are at its core energy. This energy is buzzing with potential, literally vibrating.Protons, electrons, neutrons... the building blocks of our realities are not confined to solid form like we are used to seeing pictured in our textbooks.

They are, simply put, vibrating energies in a constant state of infinite potential to become anything. It is our perception and observation of this energy that streams these building blocks into what we perceive as solid mass and the specificities thereof.

I wanted to know this concept of infinite potential even more deeply. I wanted to feel unbound by my expectations to see life and reality in a certain patterned way and know my ability to reorganize energy. I wanted to leverage the power of the quantum observer effect to literally and purposefully create my own reality.

I asked my friend Jenn, an amazingly talented hypnotherapist, for a session in order to get more insight into the power of the quantum observer effect and infinite potentiality.

What came quickly and clearly from the hypnosis was the concept of freedom. Everything is free. The idea of freedom and free will has been traditionally presented, especially in religions, as a gift to humans. We have built places of worship, education, governments, economies and more on this basis of free will.

In the hypnosis session what was being asked was to take the concept of freedom even deeper. Again, everything is free. The particles that make up all things and realities are free in their state of fluid energy and in an infinite potentiality to become anything.

So how do we practically live in this physical universe and still allow this deep sense of freedom to flow to and through all that is? It is our needing that locks up the energy of freedom. It is a need that places a limit on both the observation and observer. Loosening that “need” to a desire creates a flow of energy that is both compliant of the observation and as well acknowledges the inherent freedom of the energy itself.

Basically, instead of needing to breathe try and look at it as a desire to breathe. In one swooping perspective shift you have allowed the energy to remain flowing freely and remembered your own freedom as well, because at the very foundation of your existence here in this world is a desire to live.

I have transcribed the hypnosis session below so that you can get your own insights. If it does spark a new thought for you please do share it with me as I am excited to see it from new angles and get many layers of understanding. You can email me at

As well, you will find a link to my friend Jenn’s website if you feel inclined to try out hypnosis for yourself.

Hypnosis session 6-19-2020- Everything is free

Jenn: I would like for you now to tell me what is important for you to know today about creating the reality that you choose, and when you access that information from the place of all knowing and all wisdom you can tell me what that is.

Leora: Freedom. Feeling what limitless feels like.

J: In our waking world how do we experience this sense of freedom?

L: It is always there. Like the air you breathe. Just remembering it and what it feels like resurrects it in yourself. It is the strongest of desires that only needs a little bit of intent.

J: This sense of freedom that you are feeling now, how can you use this in daily life to create your reality?

L: It is not what I am feeling. It is what is. Everything has freedom to be anything.

J: In daily life with seemingly tangible things, what advice do you have for the human experience, the human body, the human mind, and the actions of humans for using this freedom to our greatest advantage?

L: The more you acknowledge it the more you will know it. You are trying to cage it. It is a willed observation that is creating your world. See it through the lens of freedom. Let it go. Let it be. It will change right in front of you.

J: It sounds like the best approach for using this incredible awareness of freedom is to simply acknowledge it and that is the only action that is important to take at this time.

L: It is the first step.

J: What advice do you have when it comes to strengthening this even further, so that it feels even more true to our conscious mind and to our physical body as we practice this?

L: There is a space between desires that you want that transforms the thought into things that you need. The very needing of it restrains the freedom.

J: It sounds almost as if simply enjoying the practice of recognizing and acknowledging the freedom is simply to enjoy that experience of doing so without any other striving or motivation for it?

L: You asked what the second step was. It is to feel your desire for everything. It is a desire to breathe, not a need. It is a desire to sleep and to sleep well, not a need. When you need something you constrict it. It is looking at your whole environment as a stunning reflection of your desires.

J: And if you could provide a phrase, perhaps an I am statement that we could say every time we want to acknowledge this freedom and acknowledge this world as our desires, what would you advise this I am statement to be?

L: I am light

J: And in what way would that statement of recognizing yourself as light assist in the process of acknowledging your freedom and your world as your desires?

L: It has many meanings. You are light, meaning no weight, no heaviness, you can feel your lightness. You can remove the density of needing to confine.

The actual light that you see with is what allows for reflections. If you are light you can choose the reflection you wish to see.

J: And is there any other advice that you have for us today in regards to acknowledging this freedom?

L: With this practice you will come easily to the space in which we are now. That is your ultimate goal is it not?

J: Yes...Anything else?

L: That is up to you.

Rise Up Hypnosis with Jennifer Van Gorp