Talking to God Naked: Learning to Re-frame

Growing up orthodox I was constantly reminded of the sense of modesty, which very much extended to our physical bodies. You wouldn’t talk to your king while on the shitter and so why would you talk to your creator in that form?

I understood the concept cerebrally. I could see what behavior was wanted of me but there was something else that nagged at me about this concept.

This God (for lack of a better term) created us. He, She or It knows what our faces look like without makeup. It knows what our bodies look like without clothes. It knows what our cells look like with our skin. We are told that It even knows our thoughts and intentions.

We are all connected and a part of a larger energetic element and so God is us and we are God. He, She, or It then most likely, following the most rational path of least resistance, has no feelings or opinions (all human constructs anyway) about our nudity at all. Our modesty is simply an extended human experience of embarrassment projected onto the divine. It is a glimpse of our raw naked selves, exposed and without protection.

As it was stated in the story of Adam and Eve, it was only after Eve became aware of her nakedness that embarrassment kicked in. Up until then God was still there and therefore obviously not bothered by the nudity of the so-called first humans.

Once I learned to eliminate the lingering specs of guilt and shame embedded into my childhood I realized that by reframing how I was seeing my own interactions with the spiritual I could comfortably talk to God naked. There was no more any shame or power within the concept of modesty. I realized that I was projecting feelings and emotions that had been taught to me onto my own private interactions with this divine force.

More so, I realized that I couldn’t fully trust the stability of my childhood foundations. I had found a way to rationalize the very opposite of what I was taught to be and believe. While this is a continuous journey the outcome thus far is that I have a deeper understanding of myself and a comfortable situation with my own spiritual and mental nudity. I feel closer to the divine.

This became a method that I try to implement into all aspects of my life and a talent that I believe will be invaluable to those who learn to adopt it.

All that was needed was a reframing of the image I had constructed in my mind and what came of it was a deep connection to an indescribable force.

These entries are not about religion in any way. This was just my own personal experience in this lifetime growing up in an orthodox household. What I aim to do with these entries is examine and study the powerful Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. skill of reframing what is right in front of you.

With this skill you can be stuck in an uncomfortable situation and learn to dissect the angles until you find yourself comfortably talking to God naked.