Shift from clearing to feeling…

Within the turbulence of awareness and growth is the required release and even the desire to cleanse that which is weighing you down. For those that can sense the interplay of themes that mirror themselves from the individual to the collective and back again this process of release can feel so intricately tied to the whole that the individual can feel caught in the whipping waves.

The next level of fulfillment becomes clear. Maintaining an awareness of one’s abilities and insight while also feeling well-being in each personal experience of the whole.

A simple sentence resonates… Shift from clearing to feeling. Intuition will follow. When the objective, goal or even vernacular is clearing and/or releasing there exists all that comes in toe and hitches a ride on its meaning. For example, clearing is an action that can be done for others. One can clear or clean another’s home. When it comes to feeling the implication is one that is of individual responsibility. Whilst I can clean out another's home I can not feel or vibrate for anyone else.

Shifting the inner dialogue and intention from clearing or releasing to feeling clear, feeling relieved, feeling better… maintains the focus on one’s own personal path without an open invitation to those still in a reliant state of being, that desire a release.