"I Am Light "

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

I meditate every day, first thing in the morning. Part of this practice is letting it evolve and trying out new methods to keep things from growing stale. In many guided meditations that I seek out this phrase “I am light” is quite popular. And as popularity goes there is a certain kind of cheesy film that grows around the trend as it gains momentum. While this affirmation sounds pleasant enough there is a feeling behind it that I have had difficulty connecting to at times.

In a recent hypnosis session the hypnotherapist asked for a phrase, an anchor to use in everyday life. The phrase that came quickly and easily was I am light. I could make a fondue from the cheese dripping down these words so I was surprised when it came out of my mouth so confidently. The practitioner wanting more asked “why this phrase?” and the reasoning bypassed all judgement.

I am light has many meanings. Question your reality as it is all a simple reflection of what is going on internally. That is, you create your own reality, whether you know it or not. For humans it is easy to think of reflections as light. Any reflection is simply light waves bouncing off a surface and into the eye. If I am light then I am moveable, changeable. I can be focused into a fine powerful point, I can glow in all directions, I can be dimmed or pumped to full blast. If I am light I can choose the reflection I wish to see.

As well light itself and the phrase refers to the feeling of heaviness or lack thereof. When we feel light in weight we feel easy. It is a place where we let the density of our physicality go. If I am light, then I am at ease with myself and the reflections around me.

Upon further contemplation of this phrase after the session ended I realized that light connects us to the heavens. Humans have looked to the light of stars for guidance and as symbols of something more throughout our history. The magic of light is in the residue of a long diseased star that still persists in our perspectives creating a very real cosmic existence for the observer. Even though the life of a star could be long gone we still see it glow vibrantly in the night sky. While the science is clear and sensible there is a feeling of awe when I think of this paralleled reality. My perception says there is something there, when alternatively, if my distance from it were decreased, I would see that this star has changed unrecognizably as it has taken its place in the cycle of life. If I am light then I am both here and not here at the same time. Light has the ability to penetrate realms, and so do we.

I now find great comfort in these words and in accepting the wisdom they carry I continue to find new angles of understanding. If I am light, then so are you.