Body Affirmations- Variation 1

Updated: Jan 28

I have recently been learning about refining and fine tuning affirmations to really tap into their transformative power. The key becomes speaking the truth. Words have power, of course. Though the source of this power lays in the feelings that they evoke. Our feelings are what allow us to translate and notice frequency and where we might be vibrating at. For example a curse word could be said with deep anger and someone receiving this insult would feel the hate behind it, only because the person saying it is feeling hatred and infusing it into the word. A moment later the very same “curse” word could be used to emphasize love. Now the person on the receiving end would light up. It is not our words alone that have power but the intention and undeniable truth of an emotion that they represent.

Though this is common knowledge for a long time many of us, including myself, have not applied this to the affirmations that we long to help us improve our lives. There has been this standard attempt at slapping positivity on things and hoping that if we say it enough it will become true. Beginning with a truthful statement allows room for change so we can essentially work our way up to the positivity desired only speaking truthfully through each step.

During the ups and downs of Covid I have noticed my weight go up and down, as well as my perceptions and confidence about my body. I am experimenting with applying this truthfulness to body affirmations and as my perception of my body moves up the good feeling scale I will change the affirmations to feel truthful from that space.

I thought I would share the affirmations here for anyone who is struggling with their body image and might like to experiment with me. Feel free to edit them to feel true to you.



Even though I would like to lose weight and have been convinced that this is a process full of effort I am opening up to and remembering that it can be effortless in a state of allowance.

I know that the physical body is constantly changing. It is energy, along with everything else, and that energy is always moving. I am remembering, as well, I can transform energy and enjoy the process.

My body is a magnificent mechanism that is rooted in this cycle of life and I know that no matter what I may think or believe at times my body is always in this flow of life.

My physical body is a wonderful part of the vast support that is always available to me. It is tapped into source, even when I might perceive otherwise.

I know what feeling love for one’s body looks like. I’ve seen it on others.

I’ve even felt it in myself before.

I know that this feeling is possible and probably easier to feel than I think. I know I can reach for this love and do reach for it, a loving frequency is after all my natural state of being.

I am making space in my mind to feel love for my physical body.

While a part of me may not always feel that love for my body and may even be judgemental at times, another part of me knows what it feels like to be loving and enjoy being and playing in my body. I trust that part deeply and completely and I am learning to be ok with the other part too.

I desire to love myself and my body wholly and completely. I desire to align my physical body with the whole of who I am. I desire to see and feel my physical body through the eyes of source.

These are desires that feel good to me.

There are many different perspectives in life and I know that I have a choice as to which perspective I choose.

My choice is to see my body as source does. My choice is to feel good about my body and align my physical presence with the well-being I know to be always flowing and surrounding me.

I am allowing myself to align with and feel the perspective of source through the whole of my body.

I am allowing myself to love myself and my reflection as source does.

And if I lose my way sometimes, that’s ok. I can always allow source perspective to show me the way. At any moment I can always choose to see my body as source does.

There is no action to take or deliberate change to make. All I desire to do is allow myself to listen to the gentle guidance of source.

I can always be open to appreciating my body.

This choice is something I appreciate deeply. Knowing that I am always supported and loved by the source of all brings me great comfort and joy.


I would like to credit my friend Jenn, from Rise Up Hypnosis, with helping me hone in on the power of affirmations and speak an ever changing truth. Below are some insights from Jenn.


As a hypnotist, I’ve witnessed many discussions between a person’s Inner Wisdom and their Cognition. And I’ve always felt that when it comes to the communication between your Inner Wisdom and your Cognition, you cannot really lie to yourself, but you can discover a truth to invalidate any lie.

For example, while in hypnosis a person’s Inner Wisdom might share that the client’s Cognition has been holding onto an experience that is getting in the way of their happiness. So I ask the Inner Wisdom three questions (1) “Is this person able to let go of this experience?” (usually the answer is “yes”); (2) “Is this person willing to let go of this experience?” (again, usually “yes”); and, (3) “Is this person ready to let go of this experience right now?” -- and you may be surprised to find how many people say “no” to this. They just can’t lie to themselves. No matter how much they are able and willing to let it go, they really are not ready to do so in the moment. So then we figure out (1) why not? and (2) what are they ready to do?

So while your Cognition may want to believe that “I love my physical body”, your Inner Wisdom may let you know that your Cognition currently does not believe it. So, you can keep adjusting the statement until your Inner Wisdom feels like, “yes, that’s something you can cognitively jump on board with.”

Adjustments might look like this: “I am allowing myself to love my physical body.” Or, “I am making space for loving my physical body.” Or “while a part of me doesn’t love my physical body right now, another part of me knows that all I am is love...”

There will always be a way to say your affirmation with truth. And finding that out is kind of the fun part :)