Ass Backwards

Updated: Jan 29

Logic has long been a driving force in creation and for many, including myself, a point of pride. After a certain age society around us begins expecting things that have no satisfying explanation as to why. Children often ask the looping question "But why?" because they know the freedom of imagining things any which way. External pressure exceeds our tolerance levels and children turn to acquiescing adults. We play the game simply because we are stuck in it, this is plainly the most logical way forward. And here begins the shift.

Through the clarity of hindsight one can see the many marked moments in which life tends to make sense in an ass backwards kind of way. At times it can be like living with a wise old sensei and in some roundabout method of seeming madness learning to wax on and wax off will help to catch flies with chopsticks. In the end it actually does, and there’s the rub.

My close and old friend logic, of the linear variety, is built upon assumptions. It can really only work completely if one believes that we humans have all the information and all the data needed to write and rewrite this program we call life, but we do not. Not in our analytical minds at least. There are many things we don’t know and how many things do we know that reside in places outside of our brains? We feel truths even when we can’t explain them, and in doing so we revel in the humor, learning to laugh at the absurdity of all this ass backwards-ness that actually makes perfect sense.