"...And left to heaven the rest."

In the ups and downs of 2020 and the bubbles we all find ourselves in I have been examining in depth my reliance on the physical as goal posts. You see, I have been raised to work hard, to be action oriented and to physically move towards a goal. I’ve always known that at any time in my life I could strap into that deep seeded hustle mindset. I could always rely on myself to do whatever the moment required and come through.

Suddenly, through the course of this past year, many of our plans A through Z’s have no fitting anymore. It is a time that calls for creative recalibrating and a chance to focus upon something entirely new. I find myself tuning into a theme that has been emerging in my personal life for quite some time. In the promise of an attraction based universe I feel my mind drawn to release its prideful attachments to hard work, effort, and all their relatives.

I hear a voice calling me to stillness. It is a peaceful voice that speaks a powerful whisper of dreams fulfilled when the satisfaction of the moment is the one and only goal post. I hear it now and am moved in a way that ironically only stillness can provide. I have long used the physical representations of this environment as a measuring stick for life, translating successes, loves and failures with materials for symbols that could never truly contain the essence of life’s spirit. I am learning to trust. I am learning to seek more within and allow that which is to be without to match. This can be an elusive place when seeking is the action and yet spectacularly and conveniently found beneath our noses when feeling is the focus.

“The happiest heart that ever beat

Was in some quiet breast

That found the common daylight sweet,

And left to heaven the rest.”

- John V. Cheney