Aha!- Cultivating a relationship with my inner being

I used to think I had to do everything. Every task. Every chore. The motto if you want it done right do it yourself felt as though it had been drawn directly from my veins and written in my own blood. My defense for this lifestyle only drew in more hard work and sacrifice which left me in this circular relationship with overwhelment. The issue was clearly less about disappointment with others and weighed heavily on my corked and sealed practice of allowance.

I believe in the non physical (I will leave it there because at the moment language seems to fall short in conveying any adequate representation and my goal is not to convince or convert rather converse with those who sense the same energy I do.)

This non physical is constant and a part of everything.

Since my days of overwhelment I have committed to cultivating a relationship with my inner being and dropping anything that interrupts that focus.

There is a mental process of accepting and moving into knowing this inner being.

Now when I find myself excited about a project and subsequently spiraling into all the little steps, tasks and to do’s that need attention I bring myself back to the very inspiration that sparked my excitement in the first place.

These tasks and todos still exist, but how many can I leave to my inner being, who, mind you, is far more qualified?

So before worrying about all the money I need to raise to pull an idea off I can let my non physical counterparts take pleasure in helping me.

I like to think of it as having a big beautiful mansion, which many of us dream about. In the day to day operations of this estate there are cooks, cleaners, house keepers, drivers, mechanics, landscapers and so on.

The entire property is cared for when each Individual does what he or she does best. And how lucky is that landscaper who gets to do what he loves and only what he loves? To ask the landscaper to prepare meals and as well as make beds and be a chauffeur would only result in overwhelment and a watered down end result.

So, in my attempts to align and listen past the noise I speak these words to myself. Do what you love. Do what keeps you excited and ask for assistance with the rest. You may not know exactly how it will come about or what that assistance will look like, still it will appear if you allow it.