A moment of pause

There is a lot of fear going surrounding the coronavirus and its far reaching economic impact. The fear is not unfounded but can be managed for the goal of your own enjoyment. Once you look past fear you can see opportunity. The immediate lack of money and scarcity can feel overwhelmingly scary, wondering how many of us, specifically those of us living paycheck to paycheck, are going to eat, pay rent and survive in the most basic of terms.

Look deeper, lurking in the distance is the very notion of money itself like a ghost that only those with supernatural abilities can see. And why can only some see beyond the reality presented to them? They simply found their way to flow with fear until it dissipated.

The very notion of money is based on the metaphysical. Money is a tangible place holder that we have all agreed to believe in symbolizing power and freedom. These are two concepts we are all eager to possess yet look very different from person to person.

Presently, in feeling this lack of funds can you enhance your medium abilities to see the very concept of money patiently waiting past your fears? We are living on the cusp of drastic change. We are moving with exponential speed towards technologies that could very well make money obsolete. With automation, robotics and AI that exceeds the intentions of their creators many people will likely not be able to partake in this economic system of work for money which they can then spend on things like rent, food, desires…

For a long time economists, philosophers and sci-fi enthusiasts have been pontificating about what future societies might look like. What happens when the very idea of money becomes obsolete? How do humans seek power and place value? Or perhaps, ideally, evolve out of such tendencies?

We are no longer pontificating. We are living the very implementation of a new path. We have been called to pause. We have been called to go inward. To realize the very power of alignment. To structure a futuristic world with grace and a knowing that can only come from the love that is left when priorities are questioned and stripped away.

Your individual alignment is beckoning. The power you find there will go to create a new world. The choice now is ours. It’s a wonderful thing to desire more and to leverage the contrast of trial and error towards hope for better.