A Call to Mindful Entrepreneurs

Updated: Apr 6

The system and concept of money is changing before our eyes. We, as entrepreneurs, have a distinct opportunity to direct the tip of the spear and create a new world. Bitcoin, renewable energies, win-win businesses… the space has been made.

Mindful entrepreneurs focus on freedom knowing that money is only a current tool representing said freedom. We are mindful entrepreneurs. We are creators imbued with the knowledge of the universe. We are spiritual entrepreneurs. We know we are eternal beings. We flow with infinite spirit and are therefore boundless.

In the limitless we create, not as a reaction to what is, rather we are in alignment with the freedom that is our divine right.

The root of the word entrepreneur corresponds to entreprendre meaning ‘to grab’. We know there is new coming. We have prepared for it. We are the thrill seekers riding the lip of the wave ready to grab opportunity and shape the reality we want to see.

We do it to feel our own boundlessness. We do it to know our true selves. We do it, thrilled to create our own realities.

We no longer dream of our own freedom, we live it.