Throughout the ages artists, teachers and spiritual adventurers alike have brought back a similar message from their inner explorations. All there is is love. The glories of enlightenment aside what do these words really mean? We experience harm and hate and violence making it hard to imagine this concept at times. The duality of light and dark seems so real that the role of opposites convinces us this limit in understanding must be fact rather than perception.

I have stared into a place of deep darkness, a black void that was everything and nothing at once. A strong feeling of deception oozed through the dense dark. It called to me, but I could not go. I would not be tempted by the thick tar of murky half truths. My will would be one from the story books, one of an unwavering hero whose clarity and goodness could capture the attention of civilizations across time. Amidst this fantasy brewing the questions seeped through. There is no one who is only goodness and truth. All of us can only strive to do our best and still leave room to grow and learn. If one extreme does not exist then can its opposite? Can this darkness truly exist as it has been passed down through time or was that the biggest deception yet? I felt beckoned to look beyond the illusion of moral extremes. Though it was quite uncomfortable the clarification was priceless.

From neutral ground I could feel freedom emerge. What used to be a desire to organize and label the whole of existence was now a recognition that the extremes, on either end, are inhospitable landscapes leaving the majority of life to live and thrive in the passing of seasons.

The play between light and dark all leads towards expansion. Expansion. The word ringing in my ears calmed the tugging currents of my mind attempting logic. It is the contrast that creates shade and shadows. If expansion is the ultimate goal, so to speak, then here is the place of neutrality, or a perspective devoid of judgement or emotional charge. Everything inevitably feeds one goal or one trajectory. This oneness unifies all and is essentially rooted in an optimal vibration of unconditional love.

Perhaps that was the unsettling sensation of deception. Allowing the love to exist in what my human mind wanted to file and label as darkness weighed heavily on the millennia of righteousness I had been taught to carry with me. If the darkness was everything, including nothing, then it had to include the light as well. All is one. The luring temptation of dualities, reinforcing the illusion of separation, kept me from ever looking beyond the darkness. Living within the deception colored my view of truth that reflected the very mask I wore.

I began to see the pain and suffering in my life that I had always accepted as the human condition through a lens of neutrality. They began to feel like the merging of choices rather than fate, with life still on its one loving path of expansion. In this space of non-physical, the oneness reigns, which leaves the concept of evil tied to our personalized sensual translations of the physical realm. Simply put, there is only well-being. And yet, this metaphysical concept can take some time to settle as our conscious minds and moving bodies are exposed to experiences that leave us feeling scarred.

A desire arose to mentally merge this esoteric metaphysical knowing with a very physical experience of life. Unconsciously I looked for proof of this neutral oneness. I wanted to dig up its network of roots here on earth and glimpse its vast expanse.

My ever seeking self led me to Dr. Masaru Emoto’s book The Hidden Messages in Water and suddenly it all clicked. In just a handful of pages the proof I had been seeking reflected the whole of my journey in one elegant experiment. In his book Dr. Emoto shared photographs of water crystals he had captured after subjecting the water samples to varying influences. Some were labeled with encouraging words like “love and gratitude” and others with hurtful words like “you fool”. Other samples were played varying styles of music from classical, The Beatles and Elvis to hard metal. The results were astounding in that encouraging and good feeling words and/or melodies created beautifully designed hexagonal ice crystals in the water samples. Conversely, the water labeled with hurtful and angry words or lyrics had difficulty forming crystals at all.

“The words gratitude and love form the fundamental principles of the laws of nature and the phenomenon of life. Therefore, water in its nautical form is required to create the hexagonal form. By contrast, words such as “you fool” do not exist in nature and are instead unnatural elements created by people. Words that revile, harm, and ridicule are the culture created by humans.” (Page 46, The Hidden Messages in Water)

Influenced by the judgements of the human mind the water samples could not create its desired hexagonal form as designated by nature. This discovery is tangible evidence that these negative feeling experiences and emotions are bound by the extremes of our creations and our allegiance to the polarity itself. The crystals, or lack thereof, affirm that what is called evil is constrained to the physical creation of consciousness filtered through one variation of human culture. And still, regardless of the crystalline shapes we all choose to create the single trajectory remains constant. Within a vast expanse of infinite choices, all is one.