When You 

your business, what do you see? 


is everything.

It is the preview of life's coming attractions.


-Albert Einstein

You ARE The Leader 

You've always wanted to be  

The process allowed me to feel confident in my product and actually excited to put myself
out there!


-Erin Yamamoto

You're business is making money and is a success, yet perhaps you look at other 

                     in your industry who... 


Get paid to travel

Have multiple streams of

Are seen as thought leaders 

Have their own line of products 


And, you look at them with a hunger, knowing you're ready to take things to the next level.


Working with Leora has been the most valuable service I've used in my business.

- Jennifer Van Gorp

It's time for


Make more money

Attract your best clients or customers 

I help guide your business and 

strategy so that you 


Build loyalty 

Refine your focus 

Develop your niche 

Simplify your message

Ace your marketing

About Me:

I believe nothing is impossible...

I approach each client with this mindset. What ever you want, we will find a way to get you there. 

I began my entrepreneurial journey after dropping out of college to start my first business, a production company specializing in online vocational training courses. Trained as a chef by my mother, who owned a successful catering company in Los Angeles, I worked as a high end private chef to fund my start up. 

I began to quickly see the similarities in marketing and strategies, whether it be a large scale online operation or a single service provider. I learned through trial and error what didn't work and where to set the focus. 

Entrepreneurship has allowed me to live a financially free life and one of exploration. I have been able to travel and live all over the world whilst still following my passions.


It is now my pleasure to help other hungry entrepreneurs find their voice and build the life of their dreams!