I had worked for 3 weeks on my website - designing it, redesigning it, writing content, rewriting content - over and over. I struggled with finding the words to express myself  in a way that was both genuine and effective. Leora helped me totally transform my website in just a few hours!

- Jennifer Van Gorp

How I work:

Here's what your can expect... 

I will begin by identifying your ultimate goal and purpose for working with me. Once there is a clear focus in mind I asses exactly where you currently sit in your market and can reverse engineer a strategy to get your to your objective, all the while maintaining a clear vision of who your ideal client/market is and how to best serve them. 

I charge by the hour at a rate of $150/hr. 

I do this because it the most fair for both of us. My goal is to get you where you aim to be as quickly as possible so we're not wasting time.