By Leora Calmus

Align with the whole of who you are

Traditionally many of us have been taught the ideals of motivation and hard work. Alternatively, I have come to realize the subtle yet powerful difference between inspiration and motivation. 

The AlignD brand represents creation from inspiration and a focus to only create from a space of well-being, enjoyment and love.

You see, I have lived and created from a motivation to change the world. I have built businesses, had multiple careers and made art that spotlighted what I believed needed to be fixed, though experiencing life through this reality never felt as good as I imagined.

My attention on exterior criteria needing to be a certain way could never yield the results I was truly looking for. And so I resolve to look inward.

AlignD is a project playfully exploring what happens when there is only one priority, the feeling of enjoyment from one's own alignment. 

I am excited to see what's to come and to share it

with you.

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