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I began AlignD and became a CECP because I believe that life is meant to be easy. As well, we are encouraged and supported all the time to live our dreams. Life does not have to be a struggle. Growth does not go hand in hand with pain. It is only when our programmed patterns play out on repeat that we create friction in our lives and bodies, and thus struggle.

By opening up to the massive support that is all around us and it is my pleasure to help shift the energy of each other's lives with ease.

I love helping people discover more about themselves and their own abilities to live an abundant life. The Emotion Code is such a helpful tool to help remove the gunk and let your body and life not just heal, but thrive!

“Leora’s skillful use of “Emotion Code” has truly been transformative for me. I’ve done a handful of sessions with her and after everyone I have felt lighter in my body. Through her guidance, I’ve experienced profound emotional release and healing.
Her compassionate and intuitive approach created a safe space for me to explore and address deep-seated emotions around money and other emotions I never knew were holding me back. I am grateful for Leora’s expertise and the positive impact she has had on my emotional well-being”

-Carolyn G. Kroulik

Peak Pilates Certified Trainer - NASM Personal Trainer - Certified Health Coach

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